Crimson R Games upcoming works

So, I've been getting side-tracked because of a lot of stuff, either work, or learning or experimenting with technologies I've been finding on the internet, however, for productivity's sake I'm gonna post about the next works I'm going to release in the next months.

  1. First I've been learning how to draw digitally properly(or as properly as it can get), so you can find some of my more decent works on my pixiv, feel free to follow me there if you want to see some fanart I've been doing. I may decide to post my own OCs for my next games/apps there but still deciding on that, in any case, feel free to look around there.
  2. CRB-5 will finally be fully available to chat. Technically speaking ever since I added the new site look she's been available and around, however I didn't put a direct link to her chatroom so in the coming weeks she'll have her official release and you all will be able to talk with her beta version(yes beta because I still need to work a lot more on her dialogue engine, but for now she looks really good in my opinion).
  3. There's going to be a Love VN game jam on February, and I plan to participate and finish a VN in that time, hopefully it'll be a good way for me to polish the skills that aren't my forte as a solo game dev(art, music, narrative) since VNs aren't that heavy on the coding part.
  4. CRB-5 will be starring on her first game later this year, for now I can only say, expect a 2D game.
  5. I've been working on the script and story of a text based game(again, practicing skills I'm not goot at), however writting it and making the art for the characters is taking more time than I expected so this one may get a bit delayed. Expect it to be available here at

And that's it for the (hopefully) first months of the year, stay tuned for updates!