Crimson R Games upcoming works part 2 Electric Boogaloo

And now time for part 2. I've already updated the Android Apps to the newest androidx framework, but that won't be the only thing I'll do with that.

  1. I plan on working on some features that people who has participated in the beta test for Simple Wallpaper Manager asked for.
  2. A music player for Android. This one was a request from a close friend and I think I may actually end up using my own self made music player since all the alternatives I've seen rely on Ads. While I don't mind devs supporting their work with either paid apps or getting revenue through apps I do believe that the OS itself should include at least some sort of default, free, ad-less music player, even if it's bare bones. And yes if you're wondering this is indeed part of why the series of 'Simple' apps that I make exist, these cover needs that I don't think that should be considered premium as those should be included by the OS itself.
  3. A screen recorder. Same motivation that I have for the music player(except I'm self requesting this one). I know there are very big recorder apps already out there, some with free variants, however, I want a simple one, also I'm curious on the OS API for it so that's a plus.

And those are my plans for Android for the time being, I'd like to make something for iOS too, but I think that making these for iOS wouldn't be worth as these(except the wallpaper which can't be modified without private APIs) exist already integrated on the OS itself or Apple included them "for free".

Until next time!